10 Best Lo Impact Aerobic Exercises

Is workout the first thing on your mind every morning? Are you interested in cardiovascular conditioning? If yes, then you must try out some of the best and the safest low impact aerobic exercises. These exercises are simple to master and have profound benefits on your overall health!

On that note, this post talks about the ten best low impact aerobic exercises. Would you like to know what they are? Read on!

1. Walking

Walking is an easy and natural form of exercise, which anyone can do. From young children to pregnant women, everyone can easily carry out this form of low impact aerobic exercise. It not only provides more oxygen to the body cells, but also reduces stress, thereby making a positive impact on your overall health. To make the exercise more effective, you can try walking up the hills, use dumbbells or strap weights to the wrist or ankles to increase the heart rate.

2. Stairmaster Or Walking On The Staircase

Another easy form of low impact aerobic exercise is walking up and down the stairs. Your workout center or gym may not be having staircases, but it surely must be having a Stairmaster, which makes exercising much more exciting than walking on the treadmill. You can easily perform this exercise without going to the gym, by walking up the staircases for a few minutes every day. Many athletes use it as a warm-up exercise to prepare bodies for high impact workouts.
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