10 Easy Steps To Do Knee Push Ups

Are you on the look out for an exercise that can actually help you burn some fat? Have you gone pillar to post looking for exercises that actually show results? There are several exercises that you can perform to keep your body in shape and shed flab. Some of these exercises need accessories, but there are several that can be done freehand. Push ups are among such effective freehand exercises. Health enthusiasts and fitness freaks prefer doing push ups regularly. Push ups are good for the upper torso and triceps of the body. There are some variations of standard push up as well and that is what we’ll discuss today!

What Is Knee Push Up?

If you are wondering what knee push ups are, then this article is sure to be of interest to you! Knee push up is basically a modified version of general push up. It is widely practiced as a horizontal pushing exercise. In this exercise, the upper body’s weight and resistance are used to develop stamina and strength.

How To Do A Knee Push Up?

When you perform knee push ups, it is better you use a mat or soft cloth on the floor before you begin.

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