1000 Calorie Workout Routine - What Is It And How To Do It?

A thousand calories in one workout session! Who wouldn’t want to lose that much calories, and that too in just one day? I agree that it looks quite tempting to read but needs high degree of dedication and hard work, along with a well-thought out plan of action.

I know you are eager to get on with it but before I give you a sample 1000 calorie workout regimen, let me take you through some interesting facts. These will definitely inspire you and come handy while you plan a workout regimen.

Things to Keep in Mind for a 1000 Calorie Burn:

To shed 1 kg fat from your body, you need to burn 7,700 calories. However, that does not mean you can indulge in high intensity workouts daily so that you go on an overall overhaul in less than week! A 1000 calorie exercise is energy consuming, and you can do it for a maximum of four days a week, as recuperation is really essential for weight loss.

Your height, weight, age, and gender determines how many calories you burn. A 30 year old woman is bound to burn more calories than a 50 year old woman with the same exercise routine. At the same time, a 30 year old woman will burn fewer calories than a 30 year old man. Just because your partner is burning 750 calories doesn’t mean you can also do the same.

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