12 Oblique Exercises To Melt Muffin Top

A muffin top is good to eat, but not as fun to have on your body. But fear not — you can whittle those waists with some carefully executed exercises that target those obliques and have you loving your clothes once again. It’s time to melt your muffin tops!

1. Weighted Standing Side Crunch: Grab a dumbbell and get going! This move targets your obliques to slim your sides!

2. Side Star Plank: We love any new twist on a classic plant and this Side Star Plank is no exception! You’ll love the new way you can work your core. This is one of the best oblique exercises for women! 

3. Spiderwoman Pushups: You start out this move like you would a standard pushup. It’s got an extra step however, allowing you to get in an extra oblique workout. To get step-by-step instructions, 

4. Side Plank Super Crunch: Want to get rid of your muffin top? This move does a great job of targeting the sides of your core! You’ll love the oblique workout and variety this move offers.