18 Elegant and Simple Flashy Nilas Polish

Be simple this autumn. Although there are many different designs and shapes of nails that are totally in this season, be sure that your elegance and style can emphasized with the simplicity of your nails. Keep them simple, groomed and in neat long nails without any mar?able shapes (very sharp, very rounded or too blunt), keep the natural shape of the nails, and polish them in one color.

To add some extra-ordinariness, choose a nail polish that will be flashing. It will further give some solemnity and a dose of elegance. In addition, if you use a regular nail polish, make sure that the flashed nail polish stays longer than usual one colored polishes, so there will be no need of refreshing the color of the nails up to a week. Find out what have we selected today for you, and see how nice the simple in form and design nails look like.