4 Minute Fat-Burning Tabata Workouts

Are you worried your sedentary lifestyle is taking a toll on your health? Wondering how you can find time out of your busy schedule to get your body moving? Then the Tabata workout is what you should try today.

Fitness routines have transformed over the ages giving us maximum benefits in the shortest time. We no longer need to sweat for hours, only to wait for negligible results. Tabata workout, the new miracle workout on the block, is so intense and quick that you can have a total body workout with a couple of minutes.

Now that’s incredible, isn’t it? Go ahead and read on what this workout is all about, and how it can make you super-fit in the coming days.

What Is Tabata Training?

The Tabata Protocol was first designed in the 1990s to train the Japanese Olympic speed skating team. The team’s head coach Irisawa Koichi developed the unusual technique to increase both short-term strength and long-term stamina.

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