6 Amazing Benefits Of Butterfly Chest Workout

The Butterfly exercise is an effective move to tone your chest and make it stronger. Targeting the pecs, this workout helps in the development of thick muscles. This exercise is effective and needs to be performed while seating on a weighted machine. This might be a little difficult to do at first, so we suggest you perform every rep properly in full control. You don’t want to injure yourself now, do you?

Functions Of Butterfly Workout:

The pecs cover almost all the area over your chest. Because of this very reason, the butterfly workouts are mainly focused on exercises that will control the upper, middle, lower and inner chest area. Not just that, the move will work your biceps and deltoids as well, giving you a toned and stronger upper body.

How Will You Do This Move With A Cable Machine?

Follow the below steps to perform this exercise properly:
  • Begin your workout by sitting on the cable machine. You should be comfortable, but not relaxed.
  • Once you have adjusted your seat, make sure your arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Extend your arms out by your side, and then push out the handles straight.
  • Now bend your elbows gently. Your arms should be in front of your body now.
  • Make sure you bring your knuckles close to each other. Your chest should be squeezed with pressure now, and then move the handles out.
  • As you open your elbows and lift them, close your arms in such a way that you are flapping like a happy butterfly. This move should be controlled and slow.
  • If you would like to try other positions, feel free to stand. This will be equally beneficial.
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