8 Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Muffin Top

We love those yummy muffins like crazy, but reality hits home the moment we notice muffin tops peeking out of our sexy low jeans or body-con sheaths!

Muffin top is the body slang used for the lower belly/hip fat that gets accumulated right above your butts. If you are struck with love handles and muffin tops and they are keeping those six-packs away from you, then here I have 8 exercises that can shred those muffin tops to pieces!

Let’s have a look at the best exercises to get rid of muffin tops:

But before we go on to the exercises, let me tell you the mantra to get rid of those love handles and muffin tops. You need to do cardio and total body movements as well as part-specific exercises. You cannot spot-reduce but you can spot-sculpt! But to sculpt, you first need to get rid of the excess fat. So, do the total body workouts along with this muffin top destroyer exercises to get a yummilicious waistline!

1. Candlestick Dipper:

This is the 1 muffin top killer move and I can’t thank Pop Pilates trainer Cassey Ho enough for introducing this exercise to me! As this exercise works on your oblique muscles, you will definitely get results with this one!

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