Awesome Nails Ideas You Cant Resist

You are looking for new interesting ideas for your manicure? Here we are. This fall your nails will look perfect and cool without doubt, just follow our ideas. We have something for every style, from minimalist designs to extreme embellishment. Take a look and choose your perfect manicure.

Until recently, most popular were pale shades and glossy nails, but not anymore. For this fall we recommend you to paint your nails with dark colors , green, brown, purple, gray, bronze. Dark colors are for strong and confident woman, they make you look more stylish than ever and perfectly fit with any outfit.

Also a great idea is that you can use sparkling nail polish to get more specific and unique look. You can combine two or three colors that go with each other and create your masterpiece.
If you want to experiment with styles and colors you can paint your nails with white nail polish and then if you are artistic enough you can paint some roses with maybe red or dark blue color. This manicure look romantic and beautiful.

Look at the pictures for more ideas, we are sure that you’ll love all of them.