New Hair Trend That Everyone Get Amazed

Dear fashionables, forget the ombre, forget the somber…even forget the ironed hair style. Let us introduce you the very last trend that every brunette girl just adored. Even the blondes become a brunette just to be in a last trend. So it is the instagram conqueror the tiger eye! Hair styling is no longer just a regular coloring or hair cutting, it is an art. The line between one trend to another and one technique to another is very thin, so sometimes only the real fashionables can recognized.The tiger eye is a technique where few shade of brown (dark brown, light, golden of honey brown) are mixed.

The idea is to copy the shades of the rock tiger eye, and tends for more natural look where the colors gradually switch from one to another. The rock tiger eye, as an antic rock that symbols protection and confidence is a great inspiration for season fall-winter hairstyles.