Tone Your Entire Body with These 7 Moves

Looking for a workout that will tone your entire body? Check out this list of seven moves that will rock your core, upper body and lower body, getting you the results you want! Remember to stretch, warm up and cool down before and after completing these and any other fitness moves.

1. Shoulder Press: You’ll need a pair of dumbbells for this move. Grab whatever weight you feel comfortable with at your fitness level and get to work! 

2. Stacked Foot Push Ups: This puts a rather interesting twist on your classic pushup. You’ll feel like Superwoman after completing this one!

3. Dumbbell Rows: Test your arms with these rows. Grab those dumbbells from before and get ready to sweat!

4. Plank Jacks: These offer some cardio as well as muscle toning so that you can burn the maximum amount of fat possible! They get tough toward the end, but you can push through.