Whittle Your Middle With These 6 Must-Try Ab Routines

If you feel like you are forever fighting the battle of the bulge, look no further. These six tummy-tightening routines will tackle those trouble spots and give you the middle you crave! Having a sexy core goes beyond the gym. You need to make sure you eat delicious, healthy meals that will keep you full and energized. In a hurry? Then you might be ready to kick your results into high gear and get an absolutely amazing core in only 2 weeks!

1. Flatten + Firm in 15 Minutes: This routine focuses on both the front and back of the abdominal wall for an overall core routine. It also uses a variety of fitness equipment, so you’ll be working those muscles with effective, compound movements. Click here for the complete workout.

For those days when you only have 15 minutes to spare, try this quick workout routine with Skinny Mom creator Brooke Griffin. It will rock your core BIG TIME. Prepare to see results!

2. Buzzworthy 8-Minute Abs Routine: This routine makes sure to hit all areas of the tummy to ensure a good workout. The best part? No crunches! There’s also no equipment needed so you can do this super quick and efficient workout at home. Learn more about this workout here.

3. 11 Science-Backed Moves for 6 Pack Abs: This routine was created to give you some variety in your abs workout. It is composed to exclude both crunches and sit-ups, but don’t worry, it still packs a mighty punch! Click here to see the complete workout.

4. 19 Core Exercises for a Tummy Makeover: Incorporate these 19 core sculpting moves into your routine while coupling with a clean diet, and watch your chiseled mid-section emerge. Say hello to sweet spring dreams and a perfect excuse to go swimsuit shopping! Learn how to do this workout by clicking here.

5. 7 Exercises That Rock Your Core: These core-focused moves are more like the traditional belly busters you’ve tried before, but with some variation! Use them to hit every area of the abdomen, and get ready to feel the burn. Click here to see the full workout.